Songwriting and Music Production

Forest Music Productions is your right partner, if you are...

...Upcoming Artist

  • You are an upcoming Artist who needs a Catchy and Memorable Song to Jumpstart your Career

Consider it done! Just let us know the genre, style and topic of your song and we’ll craft and create a unique masterpiece for your very first album.

...Established Artist

  • You are an established Artist Looking for another Hit Song to add to your upcoming Album
  • You are an established Artist who’s been Off-Grid for a while and need a Smash Hit for your big Comeback

...Label / Producer

  • You have a new artist in your rooster and need to create a fresh and unique sound and style of music for him/her?
  • You have an established artist who wants to invent him- or herself anew for the next song or album?

Fantastic! We love challanges! According to your preferences and needs, we will craft a unique signature sound for your next King or queen of […insert gerne…]


  • You have an idea for a great song, but something’s missing or you simply don’t know how to put it all together
  • You are experiencing a writer’s block and need some fresh input and inspiration
  • You’re good at writing but composing music isn’t really your thing

No Problem. With over 30 years of combined experience in Songwriting, composing and music production we can assist you in writing, structuring, composing and producing your very own song with meaningful lyrics and catchy melodies – literally from scratch.

Examples / Showcase

Modern Life

Genre: 80’s / Pop / Musical
Tempo: 125 bpm
Vocals: Male
In the style of: David Bowie

Time 2 Separate

Genre: Pop / Ballad
Tempo: 60 bpm
Vocals: Male or Female
In the style of: Adele

Friendships Last by Forest Music Productions

Friendships Last

Genre: Reggae / Acoustic / Pop
Tempo: 68 bpm
Vocals: Male
In the style of: Bob Marley

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