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Showcase and Examples

Examples / Showcase

These are some of the demo songs we produced to showcase our skills and variety of styles.
If you are an established artist or label with a following, please don’t hesitate to contact us for recording / covering one of our songs in your own style.

Modern Life

Genre: 80’s, Pop, Retro, Musical
Tempo: 124 bpm
Vocals: Male
In the style of: David Bowie

Time To Separate

Genre: Pop, Ballad
Tempo: 62 bpm
Vocals: Female
In the style of: Adele, Lana del Rey, Dua Lipa

Friendships Last

Genre: Reggae, Acoustic, Pop
Tempo: 68 bpm
Vocals: Male
In the style of: Bob Marley

Off The Grid

Genre: Country, Folk, Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter
Tempo: 198 bpm
Vocals: Male
In the style of: Bob Dylan, Mumford and Sons

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